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Friends Only Journal

If you think we have something in common or you've seen me around the writing communiites or elsewhere on the internets just coment here and I will more than likely add you.  

<3 Nicluv

IYFG awards

I'd like to thank rosieb for nominating and dusty_evals (Jaimed68) for seconding "Undead Desire and "Sakura" I'm really flattered. Now onto the banners before I slip away into oblivion again...

Pretty, Pretty, Shiny, ShinyCollapse )

Slinks in to say...

I've officially completed another Serial!!!

Chapter Fourteen: Ashes to Ashes

Authors NoteCollapse )

Slinks back into the mist....

I Want It All (Ouran ficcage)

Title: I Want it All

Author: Nicluv1787
Rating: K

Genre: Introspective

CU/AU: CU(anime)

Prompt: Éclair

Characters:  Éclair

Words:  341

Summary: She’d wanted it all, but greed leads to ruin.

A/N:  More of the A-Z prompts. I need more prompts btw, if you want to help, comment here. &hearts; I’m trying to explore different characters, especially ones that I don’t necessarily like.

I Want It AllCollapse )

---- My Muse is definitely hanging out in the Ouran Fandom at moment. Sorry IY-friends. :D


He Could (Ouran Ficcage)

Title: He Could

Author: Nicluv1787
Rating: K

Genre: Romance, a dash of introspective

CU/AU:  CU(Anime)

Prompt: Jealous

Characters: Tamaki & Haruhi

Words:  726

Summary: Tamaki reflects on nearly leaving it all behind…

A/N:  For browneyedmami  who wanted some jealous Tamaki. :D




He CouldCollapse )




Her Destiny:

Three women, and the one object that binds them all.

It's been added to my catch all collection, The Road Less Traveled.
The Red Dress, In Search of Father, Reluctant Bodyguard, and Undead Desire Updates under the Cut.Collapse )

On a related note, there's some demanding muse hanging over my head. I've had a flurry of plot bunnies and I have a huge list of projects I'm hoping to finish this week. *falls over from exhaustion*

OKay one more.

Look at this gorgeous banner dechanter  made for my first place win at inuyasha_et_al !

Summer Skin:

She thought that summer was lost to memory, then he walked back into her life.

SangoXKouga Pairing.

Oh yess, I now have a new favorite alt pairing. Possibly more from them? We shall see, We shall see.

That's it for tonight. I swear. Maybe.

Shinies to Flaunt. :D

Got a couple of new shinies.

Crimson Petals: She kept returning to him, and he continued to lose her.

It's been added to my catch all collection, The Road Less Traveled.

Heart Breaker:

 Kagome sees Inuyasha with Kikyo, again. These are the ensuing results. (Parody)

It's been added to my collection Just for Laughs.

Hydrangea Cafe, Undead Desire, And The Red Dress Updates under the cut. Collapse )

Phew that's all the updates for now.

New Chapter Fic

Hydrangea Cafe:

Kagome returns to her hometown to start over after leaving a bad relationship, and a haunted past. That’s where she meets Kouga, a notorious player. She isn’t looking for love but sometimes love finds you…

-Modern day AU, if it wasn't already obvious.

Yes I know I have a million serials going, but this was the plot bunny I mentioned before that's been nagging at me for forever, so I broke down and wrote her. I'm super excited about this one and it's very plot heavy. Which equals instant love on my end. Read if you're interested in the pairing or if you just love me and like to give me feedback *puppy dog eyes*

The fruit of my labors.

So today was my day off and after seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3-D I came home and decided to waste time making icons. AH free time.

  • A few Kouga/kags, I have a plot bunny that's overtaken my muse... apparently in my icons too.
  • I'm rather proud of these actually.
  • Ouran and Inuyasha Icons Six of each.
  • Enjoy.

Icons under the cutCollapse )